Attention: Tickets sold for JLKC events will be in compliance with prevailing governmental COVID guidelines in effect on the day of the event. All patrons must wear either a medical grade or tight fitting mask for admission to all events. Bandanas or gaiter type masks are not approved for admission.

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High-Speed Wireless

Today’s attendees use on average 2 personal devices requiring internet simultaneously. In 2014, the facility completed installation of the most advanced fiber optic wi-fi/internet service in South Florida offering 500 megs metro Ethernet circuit over fiber. With these upgrades the James L. Knight Center now has the capability of hi-definition videoconferencing making this the ideal location for international meetings and event while also allowing your attendees to use their multiple personal devices at lightening fast speeds.
For more information, pricing and estimates please contact Tony Yanez (, 305-490-4524).


Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services is the nation’s largest independent utility contractor and a partner of the James L. Knight Center for all electrical needs. Since 1975, Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services specializes in providing unsurpassed electrical service to the trade shows, conventions and the special event industry – servicing over 4,000 events annually at 245 venues nationwide. Their expertise and customer service are the reasons show organizers, decorators and facility managers select Edlen to provide efficient and affordable power solutions.

Contact Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services to discuss your electrical and/or utilities needs.

Phone: 305-623-5335

Fax: 305-623-5337


Online orders:

Edlen Electrical Order Form

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The James L. Knight Center maintains a fully integrated state of the art sound system with turnkey capabilities. The system features: L ’Acoustic K2 Line arrays and SB28 Subs with a Yamaha CL5 Digital mixing console. For specification on pricing please contact Ashley Wdowiarz (

Lighting & Effects

The James L. Knight Center offers a state of the art permanent house lighting system. For more information, pricing and estimates upon request please contact Ashley Wdowiarz (

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We offer full service in-house professional audiovisual dealers that provide expertise in equipment rental, show services, sales, equipment installation, design and engineering services to all our clients. For more information, pricing and estimates upon request please contact Ashley Wdowiarz (


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